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A Buyer’s Guide to Coffee Makers

If you love coffee, you know that not all coffee is alike. Did you also know that not all home coffee makers are alike? If you have tried a home coffee maker before and didn’t like it, perhaps it was because you didn’t have the right type to suit your lifestyle and your coffee preference.

Do Brand Names Matter?

Many coffee lovers agree that the brand name doesn’t matter when selecting the best coffee maker for you. What matters is that your coffee maker has all of the features that you need for your life and the coffee you prefer. So, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a Cuisinart coffee maker on sale or an imported Italian espresso maker. What matters is that it provides the java you crave when you want it. It should also be easy to use, especially when you haven’t had your morning dose of caffeine yet.

Types Of Coffee Makers

It’s best to know what kind of coffee you like before shopping for a coffee maker. Next, you also need to know how much time you have to make the coffee. And finally, you need to know how many cups you need at once. Just one? Enough for the whole family? Enough for your division at work? When you have those three items figured out, then you can choose from the types of coffee makers available, such as:

Percolators: This is the fastest of the coffee makers. It takes about twenty minutes to make six cups of coffee. They come in a variety of cup sizes and designs. They can use medium to finely ground coffee. The only thing you have to watch is that the grounds don’t wind up in your cup along with the brew.

Drip: This is the most popular type sold. It can take any size of coffee grounds. It does take longer to make a pot than the percolator, but the flavor brew produced usually can be counted on. However, they can’t get your coffee as hot as a percolator can, which can bother some coffee drinkers. Drip coffee makers also come in all sizes and lots of bells and whistles.

French Plunger: Also known as the cafeteire, this can only work for making a couple of cups at a time. You also want to be sure the grounds are course so that they are not small enough to slip through the mesh. The quality of the brew can vary.

Pressure Brewing: This is one of the most expensive types of coffee makers, but coffee aficionados say the flavor is worth the price, because it never makes a bitter cup of coffee. Steam pressure is used to extract every last bit of flavor from the bean.

Other Fun Stuff

Besides those basic types, there are other accessories coffee makers possess that may work for your situation. For example, some Bunn coffee makers are especially made to work at high altitudes. Some Capresso coffee makers boast that they are easy cleaning and can make a variety of coffees, from basic black to cappuccino. For example, many Braun coffee makers feature dishwasher-safe parts and automatic shut off.

Top 4 Ionic Hair Dryers for Healthy Hair

The easiest way to make sure your hair looks great all the time is to keep is healthy. Having healthy hair can be tough, especially if you style it and use heat on it on a daily basis. A blow dryer is probably the most frequently used styling tool that uses heat, and it can cause some real damage to your hair. If you can avoid the blow dryer, always do so, but for those who don’t have the time to let their hair air-dry, invest in an ionic hair dryer to minimize the damage to your hair. Ionic hair dryers not only give your hair that great shine, but it also keeps your hair healthy. Here are some of the best ionic hair dryers, so you can be sure to get a great travel hair dryer.

CHI Rocket Professional Hair Dryer

CHI Rocket Professional Hair DryerCHI is one of the biggest companies when it comes to quality products, so it comes as no surprise that their ionic hair dryer is one of the best. This ionic hair dryer keeps the moisture in your hair to make sure that it does not dry out and keeps its shiny and beautiful look. An attaching comb and nozzle both come with the ionic hair dryer to make it easy to style your hair while drying. In addition to being an ionic hair dryer, it also uses ceramic technology, which is another tool built to keep your hair moisturized. The CHI hair dryer costs anywhere from $134.00 to $200.00 depending on where you buy it.

Sedu Revolution Tourmaline GREEN TGR 3600 Hair Dryer

This is quite a hair dryer. Not only is it an ionic hair dryer, so it guarantees hair that is both beautiful and healthy, but it is also energy efficient. This ionic hair dryer also helps reduce frizz and any static in your hair. It is also said to be one of the fastest working hair dryers and will cut down the time it takes you to dry your hair by half. Another great feature is that this ionic hair dryer has different speed settings as well as different heat settings, so you can find the perfect one for you. It is also great for those who have colored hair, it helps to keep the color in and make it last longer. You can find this ionic hair dryer priced between $140.00 and $190.00

Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Another great ionic hair dryer is the one offered by Solia. This ionic hair dryer is well known for making hair very easy to manage and style. This ionic hair dryer removes all that annoying static and frizz from your hair, leaving you with beautiful hair that will do whatever you want it to. It also comes with two different sized nozzles so that you can style your hair very easily and very quickly. This ionic hair dryer is one of the least expensive you will find without sacrificing quality. You can find this ionic hair dryer for $80.00 to $150.00.

Wigo Illusion 1875 Watt +/- Ion Setting Dryer

This is an ionic hair dryer with a lot of potential. You can set the ionic hair dryer to negative ions, which is what is usually meant when referring to an ionic hair dryer. This setting will give you all the advantages of the other hair dryers. The ions off setting will help you get lots of volume. The positive ion feature should be used on hair when you are getting ready to do some deep conditioning, or any treatment that involves chemical. It is very important to understand these features fully before using this ionic hair dryer, but the instructions are included. You can find this ionic hair dryer priced between $70.00 to $125.00.

Ideazon ZBoard Gaming Keyboard

Ideazon manufactures several keyboard and gaming controls with an eye toward the gamer and their peculiar needs. Not that gamers are peculiar, its just that we are a finicky lot for the most part. A keyboard designed for a specific game is not for everyone but this definitely makes gaming easier and more fun, for a more general standpoint on gaming keyboards we suggest looking over here.

The Zboard is a really different keyboard that has a removable keyset you can change out according to your gaming or general computer use. The base is a keyboard sized board with rubber buttons that accepts the keyset. The different keysets are made according to the game types they are for.

The Zboard keyset for the general gaming that comes with the Zboard has the numbers and F keys about where they are for a normal keyboard but the letters are moved to the right where your number pad would normally be. There is a large “butterfly” design of keys used for movement and several specific keys for gaming that are on the left of the board for gaming.

These special gaming keys are designed into the keyset and when you click the keyset into the Zboard it automatically sets the program for the keyboard to the Zboard default settings. This means no messing with changing programs when you want to start gaming, simply pull the tab on the right side of the keyset up and lift out the keyset. Insert the left side of the gaming or other keyset into the left side of the Zboard and set the middle and then the right sections down. Click the tab into place and your keyboard will set up automatically.

If you want to change the default settings of any of the keys or macros it is a simple matter of going into the Zboard program and following a few simple steps to change keys, add delays or do a host of other changes to your keyboard settings. You can create whole new setups for specific games using the default settings or you can download preset configurations from the Ideazon site for many of the popular games.

The Zboard comes with the regular standard keyset that is a standard keyboard layout. It also comes with a Zboard gaming keyset that has a common gaming setup and a CD with drivers and the Zboard program that loads into your desktop tool tray. You change settings and such using the Zboard program and it automatically detects what keyset is in the Zboard and sets the keys accordingly. This means a very quick way to change from regular typing on your computer to gaming using the default settings for each keyset.

Once you set any particular key settings and assignments you can set that configuration as the default and when you plug in that keyset your Zboard will automatically use those settings. This means quick changing on your keyset and having the key assignments you want quickly to get right into the gaming.

I received the Zboard and a Limited Edition Battlefield 2142 keyset and am very impressed. The Zboard and the standard keyset are almost identical to a regular keyboard with very little changes to spacing. I have found that almost all keyboards have a little different spacing when it comes to the spaces between the key groups like the letters and the number pad or the help keys like the arrows and such. There is a bit more room between the letter keys and those two areas of keys due to the hinge between the three parts of the key set on the standard and other Zboard keysets.

The gaming keyset is nice and identical to the Limited Edition keyset I also received except that the Battlefield 2142 keyset has many of the key assignments labeled for the game in particular. The general gaming keyset does not label the things like squads and battle communication on it. The Limited Edition keysets are nice for the games that you are really into and play quite often. I have found that the regular gaming keyset is just as good but it is nice to have the particular key assignments for a game you play often spelled out for you on the keyset.

Using the Zboard and keysets along with the program for controlling the keysets is very easy. Installing the keysets takes about ten seconds and the hardest thing I have with it is remembering to install the keyset before gaming. A few times the keyset will not change to the proper default keyset configurations when I have installed the keyset while the game is running. I think this has to do with Windows Vista not recognizing the keyset while the game is running, it is no big deal and the keysets work very well once I restart the game.

I have not only played Battlefield 2142 but several other games such as Quake 4, Theatre of War, and Shadowrun and found the Zboard to work very well for all of them. I have not found any keys that stick or are a problem as long as you do take a little care when installing the keysets. Sometimes if you don’t set the keyset in properly you can get some of the rubber buttons stuck into the base and it means for a stuck key when your trying to push on that key. You just need to pop out the keyset and check the rubber cones under the keyset on the base and if you see any stuck into the board just wiggle it out.

The Zboard works very well for first person shooter and many third person games. The Limited Edition Keysets make the gaming even better by having the keys labeled for the games default key settings. The Zboard with its Limited Edition Keysets will not exactly make you the best gamer on the internet but you will have an easier time playing as the keys are laid out logically.

I highly recommend the Zboard gaming keyboard for a better time gaming. The Limited Edition Keysets for games such as World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2142 and Everquest are available as well. Check out the Ideazon website for more keysets and other gaming peripherals.